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Plumbing Inspection Camera

Drain, Sewer and Pipe Inspection Camera 

Whether it is a clogged drain, or broken sewer line or a leaky pipe, sometimes there are plumbing problems that are very hard to see or reach. Ben Franklin plumbers want to help you find the source of your plumbing problem and fix it quickly. Our plumbing company does not believe in guess work. We provide each of our plumbers with a small camera that can reach into your lines, revealing the exact position of your clog, crack or leak. This makes our job go faster so that your time isn't wasted.

Our Houston plumbing company also shows you your lines after the job is done,so you know without a doubt the clog has been removed and leaks have been repaired.

Our cutting-edge "Pipe Cams" uses illuminating infrared light which sends a clear image back to the camera monitor our expert Houston plumbing professionals have at the ready. You can watch the entire process as if you were following a hidden camera through dark rooms and entry ways on a spy movie.

Our camera inspection can:

  • Locate a break in a water line or pipe
  • Identify the specific location of a drain line
  • Confirm the current condition of your line
  • Provide video of your sewer, for personal or insurance purposes

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