Leak Detection & Repair in Houston and Surrounding Areas

leak detection service

If you believe you have a leak in your home look for buckling areas of the floor.  Check your cabinets and walls to see if you have any water spots or mildew build up. If you have any of these issues you can be certain there is a water line leak and you should contact our Houston Plumbing Company today.

Leak detection is sometimes simple, but most of the time it requires the proper tools and know how to solve the problem in as short a time as possible. Our Houston plumbers are highly qualified and trained to determine the source of your leak with quick efficiency and fix your yard line leak or water line leak in little or no time at all.

Yard Line Leak Detection & Repair

Have you taken a walk around your yard lately? Have you noticed any soft spots where your foot suddenly sinks?  Leaky yard lines can be a real issue that can cause soil damage and possibly foundation issues, if not detected quickly.  An increase in your water bill will also give you a hint there is a leak either inside or outside the home. Depending on the leak, you may be able to take a shovel and locate the source, but on the other hand you may need a backhoe. Leak detection and repair shouldn’t be a guessing game, you need to get the help of a qualified Houston plumber to find the leak, and stop the flooding before you sustain more damage.

Water Line Leak Detection & Repair

Another source of leaks we deal with is in your water lines.  Floors that buckle, cabinets that have water damage or walls that have stains, mildew or bulges, may indicate leaky water lines. Any of these problems can be a quick indication you have a leak that needs to be dealt with. Ben Franklin Plumbing Houston is the expert in solving water line leaks and repairing the problem in a quick and orderly fashion.