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Plumbing Tips for Pet Owners

5 Plumbing Tips for Pet Owners

If your animal could talk to you, it’d probably say something like, “Hi, I love you! Also, I’m hungry.” If your animal understood you when you talked to it, you’d probably say something like, “Hi, I love you! Also, please stop clogging my drains with your fur.” As a pet owner, you know that pet […]

Keeping tree roots out of your pipes

How to Keep Tree Roots Out of Your Sewer Line

Tree roots in the middle of a sewer line are a big problem. They can cause serious damage to your home and yard, and could ultimately destroy your home’s sewer pipes altogether. Roots large enough to actually block sewer lines are tough to get out. It’s much easier to keep them from getting that large […]

Why your water bill comes rising

5 Reasons Your Water Bill Has Been Climbing

There are few things more frustrating than a bill you know shouldn’t be as high as it is without a viable explanation. It can feel like you’re missing something or doing it wrong, but guess what – you’re not! In fact, the main reasons for water bills inexplicably climbing are hidden leaks or drips. Today […]

Unclogging your Shower Drain

Unclogging Your Shower Drain: A How-To Guide

Have you ever tried to enjoy a nice, warm shower, only to have grey, run-off water start pooling up around your feet? Kind of ruins the whole endeavor, right? You can avoid that experience by making sure your shower drain is always clean and clear. Cleaning and unclogging your shower drain is as simple as […]

The Home Plumbing Spring Cleaning checklist

Home Plumbing Spring Cleaning Checklist

Spring cleaning is here! While we know that clearing the dust, opening the windows, and airing out your home after a lengthy winter is enough work to begin with, we’ve got a few more suggestions to add to your plate. Don’t worry – none of it is too difficult and the benefits far outweigh the […]

Why are my pipes making that noise?

Are Your Home’s Pipes Making Noise?

It’s never reassuring to be sitting in your home and suddenly hear something strange coming from your walls. If you’ve ever asked “Did you hear that?”, you probably usually hoped that whoever you’re asking says no. That’s not to say all sounds are dangerous. Houses naturally groan, creak, clank, or go bump in the night […]

5 Things You Should Never Flush Down Your Drain

5 Things You Shouldn’t Pour Down the Drain

Drains are the cornerstone of a successful home plumbing system. It helps water do its job and then travel back into the pipes on its way out. It’s useful, helpful, and convenient. One thing a drain isn’t is a garbage can. We know: it’s so tempting to let everything in your sink flow down the […]

finding and fixing bathroom leaks, part 2

How to Find and Fix Bathroom Leaks, Part 2

In the first iteration of this series, we talked about splash leaks and toilet bathroom leaks: what they are, how to find them, and how to fix them. This time, our focus is faucet and shower head leaks. Since bathrooms use more water than any part of your home, it’s not surprising that they’re the […]

Why professional drain cleaning works so well

5 Reasons Why Professional Drain Cleaning Works So Well

Drain cleaning, when done professionally, is about more than pulling some hair out of a sink. It’s about improving your water pressure, making it easier to accomplish home tasks, and creating an all-around better home environment to live in. When you do it yourself, drain cleaning can only go so far. More often that not, […]

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