5 Reasons Your Water Bill Has Been Climbing

Why your water bill comes rising

There are few things more frustrating than a bill you know shouldn’t be as high as it is without a viable explanation. It can feel like you’re missing something or doing it wrong, but guess what – you’re not!

In fact, the main reasons for water bills inexplicably climbing are hidden leaks or drips. Today we’re here to help you figure out why your bill isn’t where it should be. Here’s how to find the problem, fix it, and feel great.

1. You’ve got a hidden leak.

It’s pretty obvious why hidden leaks cause so only rising water bills, and for good reason: they’re hidden! Not only can they drive up your bill, they can lead to mold growth, rot, and other problems too.

The best way to find hidden leaks is to thoroughly examine all the areas you don’t look at very often. Check under sinks, behind your toilet, and around any outdoor faucets. You might be surprised how quickly you find your leak!

2. You have some dripping fixtures.

A single drip may not seem like much, but when that drip continues non-stop, it adds up. Dripping faucets and fixtures are usually caused by worn out rubber gaskets, which you can easily change out. It can be really easy to ignore a leaky faucet, but you’ll save tons of money and time by fixing it as soon as you notice it.

3. You’ve adopted some water wasting habits.

Have your showers been getting longer and longer? Have you been leaving the water running when you brush your teeth? Take some time to stop and consider the amount of water you use on a day-to-day basis. See if you can recognize any areas where you’ve been using more now than in the past.

4. Your kids are home for the summer.

There’s one thing all parents know, and that is that kids have no idea how much bills cost. They take hour-long showers, leave sinks running by accident, use running hoses like toys and who-knows-what else. Your bill increase might just be a temporary reaction to having extra people home.

5. You got a new appliance – and it doesn’t have the WaterSense logo.

Unfortunately, not all appliances are created equal. That includes the amount of water they use when in operation. The United States Environmental Protection Agency developed the Watersense program to address this.


If a new appliance in your home has driven up your water bill, consider returning it for a more environmentally-friendly option. Appliances with the WaterSense label are at least 20 percent more water-efficient than average products, and perform to boot.

Some of the reasons your water bill goes high can’t be fixed without changing the way you live your life. Or at least, not without letting your college-age kids home for summer break. For the things that can be fixed, though, call Ben Franklin Plumbing.