Home Plumbing Spring Cleaning Checklist

The Home Plumbing Spring Cleaning checklist

Spring cleaning is here! While we know that clearing the dust, opening the windows, and airing out your home after a lengthy winter is enough work to begin with, we’ve got a few more suggestions to add to your plate. Don’t worry – none of it is too difficult and the benefits far outweigh the effort it takes to tick a few of these boxes.

This home plumbing spring cleaning checklist, if followed each year, will help you maintain your home plumbing pipes, fixtures, and drains. It’ll save you money, prevent tricky leaks and clogs, and keep your home feeling great year-round. To keep things easy to follow, we’ve broken up tasks by room.


  • Take a look at the sink to see if any pipe joints are loose or leaking. If so, repair said leaks.
  • Give the garbage disposal some regular maintenance. Throw some whole ice in and run the disposal. This will help clean up any built-up gunk on the blades. Look below the sink for any signs of leaks as well.
  • Clean out the kitchen sink drain by running hot water down it for a good 15 minutes. Don’t use store-bought drain cleaners, as they tend to cause more damage than they fix.


  • Just like you did in the kitchen, take a look under the sink to make sure that the pipe joints aren’t leaking. Similarly, don’t leave a faucet leak alone – one left unaddressed can waste hundreds of gallons of water yearly.
  • Clear out any slow-running drains and, if you haven’t already, install drain protectors to lessen the likelihood of clogs building up.
  • Clean out the aerators inside of your showerhead. All you need to do is unscrew your shower head, remove the aerator, and rinse off and clean out any calcium build-up.


  • When’s the last time you flushed your water heater? We recommend draining and flushing your water heater at least once a year to prevent sediment buildup. Removing sediment will improve the performance of your water heater and extend its life span.
  • Test your home’s water pressure with a pressure gauge to see if there are any irregularities that can be addressed or fixed.


All of these are tasks you can complete on your own without too much effort or trouble, benefiting both your peace of mind and your home’s integrity.

Sometimes, though, there are things that need fixing that go beyond your typical DIY. In that case, give a call to the trained technicians at Ben Franklin Plumbing in Houston, TX. Happy spring!