How to Keep Tree Roots Out of Your Sewer Line

Keeping tree roots out of your pipes

Tree roots in the middle of a sewer line are a big problem. They can cause serious damage to your home and yard, and could ultimately destroy your home’s sewer pipes altogether. Roots large enough to actually block sewer lines are tough to get out. It’s much easier to keep them from getting that large in the first place.

Here’s how you do that. Follow these steps to keep roots out of your sewer line and ensure your plumbing keeps working the way it should.

Get your pipes double-lined.

One of the best ways to protect your sewer pipes from root damage is by adding an extra level of protection. Double-lining your sewer lines will make them too thick for roots to break through.

There are a couple ways to do this. One way this by feeding a slip-lining through the pipe manually. You can also have an expert use an inflatable liner. Inflatable liners are inserted, and then – you guessed it – inflated to fill the inside of the pipe. This can be an expensive process, however. We recommend considering it only after other options have proven unsuccessful.

Take a chemical approach.

There are chemicals out there, such as copper sulphate, that can be used as root-control. The only problem is, this type of chemical control isn’t long-lasting and can cause more trouble than it’s worth.

If you’re determined to take a chemical route, we recommend looking into metam-sodium and dichlobenil combination foams. These work better than copper sulphate because they stick to the roots and pipe walls. As a result, they kill of roots inside pipes without damaging the ground around the pipes.

Call a pro.

Companies that are trained in the removal of tree roots can come to your home and take care of them before they hurt your sewer line. They typically use augers and cutters to cut roots down and help prevent them from growing back.


Long story short, the best way to protect your sewer line from tree roots is to take care of them before they get to the line itself. If you’re interested in talking to some professionals about how to best take care of your sewer lines, give the experts at Ben Franklin Plumbing in Houston a call today.