Water Filtration System Installation in Friendswood TX

Water filtration does more than get particulate matter out of the water; it can help to soften it too. If you live in Friendswood, like the rest of the Houston area, it is probable you are plagued with hard water. This makes it harder to fully rinse clothes in the washing machine or clean yourself in the shower. To treat your water, make it easier to use around the house, and taste better for drinking, you need a Friendswood TX plumber like Benjamin Franklin Plumbing of The Woodlands to install a whole house filter for your water.

Unless you have well water, your drinking water has already been filtered once by the city, but this is only the most basic filtering and is done simply to kill any bacteria in the water. It does not necessarily improve the taste or smell of the water. To get the best tasting water possible, you will need to take matters into your own hands and have a Friendswood plumber install a home water filter to your plumbing.

Water filters come in simple faucet attached styles sold at hardware stores to large-scale models that are added to your home, like any new plumbing installation, by a professional plumber. The brand used by Benjamin Franklin Plumbing of The Woodlands is the H2O Harmony water filtration system. This brand has a variety of choices depending on how you want your water treated.

If you feel that hard water is the bane of your home and its appliances, opt for the Soft Harmony. This conditions the water to soften it. The smallest unit is called the Simple Harmony and it removes particles from drinking water. The Simple Harmony is so small it can fit under your kitchen sink. The most effective whole house filter is the Whole Harmony. This gets rid of the smallest odor and foul taste causing particles in your water, producing the freshest tasting water possible.

Improve the quality of the water in your home today with a new water filtration system installed by a professional plumbing company in Friendswood TX, Benjamin Franklin Plumbing of The Woodlands. Give us a call today at 713-489-0300 to get better water tomorrow.