Houston Bathtub Repair & Installation

bathtub installation in all white bathroom

Bathtubs and showers are more than just a place for personal hygiene. When remodeling a house, the bathroom is usually the first room a family renovates, and for good reason. Think of coming home to a relaxing jetted bathtub or spa shower to help wash away your stressful day – there’s nothing better. Our Houston Plumbing company has the tools and experience it takes to get your home the perfect bathtub and plumbing it needs.

Ben Franklin offers a variety of fixtures to fit modern, contemporary and luxury bathroom designs. Our clients deserve the highest quality plumbing products and we deliver what they need and expect. Our team is experienced with whirlpools, spa tubs, cast iron, steel, acrylic and walk-in tubs. No matter the material, size, price, or location, we are able to complete the task with speed and professionalism.