Faucet Repair & Installation in Houston and Surrounding Areas

Leaky Faucet

You probably take for granted that any faucet you have in your home will always work. You turn water on and expect the faucet to flow. What’’s your first reaction when your faucet starts to rust, leak or even worse, stops working?

It’s easy to assume that all your faucets will work for eternity, but when a repair is needed, you will want to call us. You may try to fix it yourself, which takes time, money and knowledge. Or, you can call our Houston Plumbing Company. Our licensed technicians are experts at faucet repairs. We repair all types of faucets – kitchen, bathtub, shower, sink and so on.

We Service All Types of Faucets

Ben Franklin Plumbing in Houston has many faucets from popular brand names and manufacturers. Ask us how to find your perfect style, finish, and features! We also offer and install ceramic disc faucets. Disc faucets are the newest development in faucet technology. These faucets are high quality, very reliable and repairs are few and far between. With ceramic disc faucets you can eliminate the need for replacing rubber washers that frequently deteriorate and best of all, they come with a lifetime warranty.