Toilet Repair & Installation

toilet-sinkYour bathroom is one place in your home that you want and need to work flawlessly. When the drains are not draining and the toilet is not flushing, it can cause all kinds of trouble in your daily life. Whether you’re facing the possibility of toilet repair or new toilet installation, get help from the plumbing professionals at Ben Franklin Plumbing so the transition is as effortless as possible.

Toilet Repair Troubles

It is sometimes a tricky business to diagnose toilet troubles. Sometimes they’re as obvious as the flush being slow or not working at all. There may be water that drips from your toilet or around the base for one reason or another. When you’re having difficulty figuring out the problem, call on us any time to get your problem diagnosed and fixed both quickly and efficiently.

Getting the Jump on Toilet Installation

If the bowl or tank of your toilet has a crack, it needs to be replaced. This means taking out your old toilet and installing a new one. With the proper tools and know-how on hand, toilet installation goes very quickly when you work with Ben Franklin Plumbing. With our plumbers handling the job, you’ll be using your bathroom like normal in no time. We can even haul your old toilet away for you.

Why Ben Franklin Plumbing?

At Ben Franklin Plumbing, we’re experts on more than just toilet repair. We can help you with all kinds of services, including clogged sinks and drains, water heaters, pipe problems, leaks, water filtration, and more. Not only are we available whenever you need us, but our plumbing professionals have the training and knowledge necessary to handle any problem you throw our way.