Houston Water Softener Installation

Hard Water

Shower head with soap scumIf you don’t have a water softener, it means that your home’s water is hard. Hard water is what happens when water percolates through the porous and soluble rocks commonly found in water systems, such as chalk and limestone. This water picks up trace amounts of heavy metals and these minerals lead to problematic effects on both your home and your water bill! 

Effects of Hard Water

Simply put, if you aren’t using soft water, you’re paying too much to heat your water, putting your plumbing under a whole lot of strain, and spending more than you need to on cleaning supplies.

The Benefits of Installing a Water Softener

Glass of soft water being handed over to childWater Softeners use salt to filter the minerals present in hard water out, “softening” it. This soft water doesn’t contain the metals present in hard water, so it’s a lot easier on you, your house, and your things. 

Benefits of Soft Water

At Ben Franklin, we carry only the highest-quality water softeners guaranteed to give you long-lasting, money saving results. Call or schedule an appointment and we can answer all your questions and set you up with a water softener today.