Eternal Hybrid Water Heater Installation & Repair in Houston

The Future is Here: 96%+ Efficient – Eternal Condensing Hybrid Water Heater

Breaking the laws of physics.

Eternal Hybrid™ and Eternal Condensing Hybrid™ is a premier hybrid water heating system that combines the benefits of a traditional tank water heater and a tankless water heater into one super-efficient unit. Using patented counter-flow design and multi-pass heat exchanger technology, Eternal is self-cleaning, maintains at least 86 percent thermal efficiency with consistent water pressure, and emits near-zero greenhouse gases. The Eternal is equipped with a precise computer monitoring system featuring multi-stage safety features that prevent scalding or cold water sandwiches common with other water heaters on the market.

Capable of supplying nearly instant and endless hot water, the original units launched in 2006 and now have over 2 million days of combined usage. Furthermore, the next generation Eternal Condensing Hybrid is the only gas hybrid water heater to be listed with Energy Star. Our master Houston plumbers can provide you with the Energy Star savings for this machine.

Here are some key reasons you should consider the Eternal Hybrid Tankless Water Heater.

Ben Franklin Plumbing Houston is the expert in installing and servicing this marvel of technology and we look forward to helping you enjoy the benefits this tankless water heater will provide to you and your family for years to come.